It is no secret, the relationship between recruiters and their Applicant Tracking System (ATS) provider are often strained. Decisions about the ATS are typically made higher up the management hierarchy, and it can be difficult for recruiters to make their voices heard in the procurement process, or to negotiate changes to the ATS. This is particularly frustrating if the recruiter feels that the existing service does not fit their needs, let alone the needs of their candidates.

When interest clashes with budget holders

If you are excited about the benefits of contextual recruitment, and are committed to integrate a CRS into your recruitment process, the final decision often rests with sceptical budget holders. To finance managers, integrating a CRS with your existing ATS can seem costly, and the pricing models difficult to decipher.

Headline costs

Some ATS providers will charge a one-off integration fee of up to £10,000. Others will instead (or in addition) charge an ongoing maintenance fee that can range from £0 to £2,000 a year, based on the number of candidates who apply and the complexity of the integration. Integration can take up to six months, and rarely takes less than two. Even if the ATS has been developed in-house, and headline cost is no longer a factor, modifying the software may not be a priority for the internal IT team. Convincing them to spend the time and energy on integration means yet another round of meetings and bureaucracy, draining your own resources. All the while, you may be missing out on talent by not recruiting contextually.

Our structured overview of pricing models

We’ve previously provided a clear, structured overview of pricing models for ATS integration, using real examples of costings drawn from our own experience in the market.

Be prepared

With this information, you should be better able to convince budget holders that contextual recruitment is worth their investment. Knowing more about the marketplace in general, as well, will allow you to negotiate lower costs with your ATS provider directly, demonstrating that recruiters themselves are best-placed to lead innovation with the software they use everyday. For example, you can negotiate with the ATS provider’s other clients to split the one-off cost of the integration between everyone. After all this, when your business is ready to integrate a contextual recruitment system such as PiC’s, the transition will be smooth, quick and - best of all – good value.

We offer simple pricing

Driving such change at a company can be daunting. At PiC, we try to help make these difficult conversations as easy as possible. Our pricing is simple to understand and completely transparent, and we will work closely with you to ensure a smooth and quick integration with your existing systems. Our solutions start from £2,000 per year, and the majority of our clients pay no more than £10,000 a year.