Bringing a new employee or student into your organisation is not a decision to be taken lightly. Yet when it comes down to two CVs with the same grades, and only one interview place on offer, you may find yourself forced to make a choice that feels frankly arbitrary.

REP Rank puts a candidate’s grades in context

At PiC we believe you have the right to make a more informed choice in this situation which is why we developed our REP (Relative Educational Performance) Rank to help. Put simply, a REP Rank reveals how a candidate’s achievements at A Level compares to their year at school. For example, a REP Rank of 84 means the applicant performed better in their year at school than 84% of their peers. Contextualising grades in this way not only helps you understand a CV better, but it is also a clear and easy way of pulling out the differences between similar looking applicants.

REP Rank reveals the difference between matching grades

REP Rank is also nuanced enough to uncover the difference between matching grades, for example two candidates with (A*A*A*) at A Level – top grades which are attained by a large proportion of students at the best performing schools. You might assume that a straight A* result would translate into the maximum possible rank, 100. But in accordance with feedback from recruiters and statistical best practice, the REP Rank for these multiple high achievers is calculated based on the lowest percentile their grades correspond to.

So the REP Rank for a candidate with A*A*A* at a top performing school, will in likely be in the 70s. On the other hand, a second candidate who did as well as the first, but at a much lower performing school where only a few or no other individuals were awarded top grades, will be awarded a much higher REP Rank.

Suddenly the difference between the two CVs on your desk becomes apparent.

Contextual Recruitment is becoming standard and PiC’s REP Rank is unique

It’s no surprise, in the competitive world of business and academia, that many organisations are beginning to rely on Contextual Recruitment Systems to help make an educated choice at selection stage. However PiC’s REP Rank is unique in that it quantitatively ranks candidates so that they can easily be compared. Being able to judge merit in this comprehensive and thorough way, means you will be able to read between the lines of the CV in front of you to understand the bigger picture.

That way your decision in a neck and neck situation becomes easier and, well, fairer.